Buying or Selling a home

Experience: We have counseled and advised clients on a great deal of title closings.

Buying or Selling a business, building or a home is one of the largest types of deals made. We become part of your team in buying or selling. Our goal is to help you finish the process smoothly and successfully.

Zoning Variances and other permits

Experience: We have participated in hundreds of variance applications. Towns have laws for buildings and land use. All owners must abide by them.When you want to build a home or add an addition to your property, you may be required to apply for what is known as a “variance” with the town’s Planning Board or Zoning Board if the new structure does not comply with the size and use regulations. Applying for a variance can be confusing. Owners who are not familiar with the procedures may get their plans denied or are stopped from using the proposed design. If this happens, time is lost and the project is in danger.

We are fully familiar with the process and will help you seek variance approval. Contact us if you are seeking to buy or sell or a variance or need legal advice on any aspect of New Jersey’s real estate or zoning and planning laws,